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Control your data

By choosing a Jasmy personal Data Locker, your data will be your own.

Your data, your choice

Choose who to give access to your preferences.

Get rewards

You will receive Jasmy Coins to exchange points and coupons, which can be used in the same way as cash.



Nowadays, all kinds of devices, people, and services are connected by the Internet, making our lives easier. However, they are not private anymore. Everything we view or click on is being used for marketing purposes. Our choices are being influenced more than we realise.

In order to protect personal data, JASMY created a platform for interconnected devices (IoT) that allows anyone to use data safely and reliably through a “democratization of data”.

To achieve this goal, Jasmy combined blockchain and IoT technologies to provide a platform, that allows users to protect their information in a “personal data locker”. Data remains the property of each user. In the eventuality users decide to sell their preferences to companies, they will obtain JASMY COINS in exchange. This currency can be used for capital gains in the market or to buy a variety of products and services.



According to the survey of IBM of 2018, with the popularization of IoT and AI, the corporate expenditures related to personal information leakage was USD 3.86 million averagely throughout the world, with a growth of 6.4% over the last year.

As long as the new mechanism is grounded in the current centralized network, its limitations of dealing with data will become visible when it comes to IoT devices generating enormous amount of data.

We will provide a new option to complement the current centralized services with a decentralized network infrastructure that ensures security and trust.

All about JASMY

For more information about JASMY, contact us at contact@jasmyworld.com or visit www.jasmy.io