Aiming for the early realization of data democratization, we propose the “Platinum Data Concept”, which utilizes individual data.
Aiming for the early realization of data democratization, we propose the “Platinum Data Concept”, which utilizes individual data.

A new idea for the age of data that is opposed to big data

Aiming for the early realization of data democratization, we propose the utilization of individual data and the " Platinum Data Concept " - A new idea for the age of data that is paired with big data.

Jasmy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazumasa Sato, hereinafter "Jasmy"), which develops and provides IoT (Internet of Things) platforms that have been aiming to realize "data democratization" from early on, , At the online event "Digital Innovation 2021" sponsored by Nikkei BP, which was held from today, we proposed the "Platinum Data Concept", a new idea of ​​personal data utilization in the age of data, for its early realization.

Jasmy's mission is to create and provide a mechanism (platform) that anyone can use things easily, safely and with peace of mind, and is a unique IoT platform that utilizes distributed technologies such as blockchain and edge computing. We have been working on development and provision.
Jasmy has developed "Jasmy Personal Data Locker" (hereinafter referred to as "Data Locker") based on its own core service "Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC)".
With this data locker at the core, by utilizing the platform provided by Jasmy, we aim to realize an environment where you can safely manage your own data as your own data and use it more actively than ever with peace of mind. It was.

The main "data locker" functions are as follows.

  1. Accumulate your own data as your own data and store and manage it safely
  2. You can provide your own data to others at your own will, and only the licensed data can be provided to others.
  3. Trace the use of provided data and monitor unintended use
  4. It is also possible to anonymize your own data and provide it

Jasmy further develops these functions and not only protects individual data with a "data locker", but rather provides an environment in which the data can be actively utilized, thereby enriching people's lives and thus enriching people's lives. I thought that it could lead to the development of society.

Until now, the idea of ​​utilizing data that is relatively small compared to big data has been called "small data", and various attempts have been made, but most of the ideas
require large-scale data collection. It was mainly used in limited areas such as companies, regions, or certain industrial fields that are suitable for requirements such as not being
used, clear fields of use,
and wanting to emphasize data accuracy over quantity

This time, Jasmy develops the idea of ​​this small data, accumulates data related to individuals widely and centrally, and makes full use of technologies such as AI and edge computing, which is the most effective way to express each individual 's individuality. We propose to use it widely as data .

We call this not just the development of small data, but the most valuable and valuable solution that is very useful for solving each person's problems and making action decisions, from various things that occur in daily life to milestones in life. From the thought, I decided to call this "Platinum Data" .

Jasmy has been conducting development and demonstration experiments using "Data Locker" with some companies, but in the future, we will further accelerate the achievement of the results and move to the "Platinum Data" concept in a wider range. We will proceed with the following in order to solicit the support and participation of.

1. 1. Expansion of development environment using Jasmy platform centered on data locker We
will gradually provide a development environment for software developers, including not only data lockers but also other functions of Jasmy platform, and create an environment where many companies can participate. We will continue to.
2. 2. Expansion of demonstration experiments of solutions using data lockers and realization of practical application We
will further develop the development that we have been advancing so far and aim for early commercialization as a solution with more specific convenience.
3. 3. Development of services and AI devices that realize the platinum data concept Development of services that utilize unique personal data and demonstration experiments with companies who support the design and manufacture of hardware such as edge AI devices that have that function We will proceed with this in mind.

Information on the future, such as participation in the "Platinum Data" concept and provision of a software development environment, will be announced on the Jasmy website.

* A patent is currently pending for the technology of "Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC)".

Comments from each company

Aplix Corporation, President and CEO Shinobu Nemoto

Aplix sincerely welcomes Jasmy's proposal for the "Platinum Data Concept." Jasmy's new solution that integrates IoT and blockchain and the concept of handling personal data such as "Jasmy Personal Data Locker" have a high affinity with Aplix's vision and have great potential. I think that there is. Toward the realization of this concept, we will create new solutions by fusing next-generation embedded devices and the technologies of both companies, based on the core competencies of Aprix, "embedded development" and "multi-cloud solution". With the aim of realizing development and provision, we will continue to diligently study joint research and development and conduct demonstration experiments while cooperating with each other. We will continue to strengthen our relationship with Jasmy and take on the challenge of creating new IoT businesses. Ryo

Hisaka, President and CEO of Japanius Co., Ltd. Japanias sincerely welcomes Jasmy 's proposals for the "Secure PC Concept" and "Pretina Data Concept". Therefore, I would like to send a welcome message in the video from the link below. URL:

In the future, we will strengthen our relationship with Jasmy and aim to be a company that makes our customers even more happy. Kazuhiko

Tabuchi, Executive Officer of transcosmos inc. Transcosmos sincerely welcomes Jasmy's proposals for the "Secure PC Concept" and "Platinum Data Concept." With the strong demand for teleworking and other teleworking in Corona, strengthening information security is an urgent issue for our contact center as well, and client companies are constantly verifying new solutions to meet the needs of the market. It is required to go. Among them, we believe that Jasmy's new solution that integrates IoT and blockchain and the concept of handling personal data are one of the new customer experiences that we should aim for. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our relationship with Jasmy and promote the creation of a contact center that can provide the next-generation customer experience. Kazuhiro Miyoshi, Executive Officer, General Manager, Planning and Development Department, Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. We sincerely welcome Jasmy's proposal for the "Platinum Data Strategy" to promote the appropriate protection and utilization of personal data. We are promoting the introduction of DX, and are promoting new business development and collaboration between different industries that are not bound by the conventional framework of the travel industry.

In addition, the rapid changes in people's lives are occurring in the travel industry as well. We are required to respond to these, and we hope that the appropriate utilization of such personal data will be utilized in the existing travel industry and new initiatives in the future, and will be a stepping stone to DX. We are here.