XRoad Initiative and Jasmy Are Teaming up for the Future of Blockchain
XRoad Initiative and Jasmy Are Teaming up for the Future of Blockchain

XRoadInitiative(XRI) and Jasmy unveiled a surprising partnership on August 3rd, to develop the IoT platform for the future of blockchain technology.

For the future of the platforms with blockchain:
XRI, known as a project providing a platform where blockchain technology and the world’s data intersect, is gathering attention since the token was listed on Coineal and they gave the launchpool last month. Jasmy is known as the IoT platform with safety and security, so this partnership seems to accelerate the development of the platform services with blockchain technology and it can broaden horizons in this industry.

3 Features of XRoad:

  • XRoad Oracles: XRoad Oracles effectively and efficiently bridge the connectivity gap between off-chain data and blockchain smart contracts.
  • XRoad Decentralized Storage (XRDS): XRoad’s blockchain-based decentralized storage is the convergence between decentralized data management with individual data self-sovereignty.
  • XRoad Locker: With XRoad Locker aiming for early provision, the user is truly in complete control: Information, who has access, which data to disclose, and the value of disclosed data.

XRoad aims to provide individual Internet users with the decentralized infrastructure needed to serve as the intersection between blockchain technology and the world’s data. They pursue this with XRoad Oracle, Decentralized storage and Locker for user powered interoperability between the off-chain world and smart contracts, as well as for individual data self-sovereignty.

Get Ready For AMA on August 5th by XRI

XRI will host the AMA(Ask Me Anything), at their official community in telegram, which will be opening themselves up to any kind of question. The AMA will go into operation on August 5th, from 11:00AM(UTC).


AMA by XRI will be held on August 5th 11:00AM~(UTC)

WINNING Rewards Details

  • 1st price $100
  • 2nd Price $50
  • 3rd Price $30
  • 4th Price $20
  • Total $200

Reward Amount will be In Xroad’s Native token (XRI) which is Allready listed in COINEAL.

RULES To participate in AMA

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  2. Like,tag 3 people, Retweet and quote Pin post with #eth #hiddengem #xri #NFT #xroad #AMA #XRI_Oracle.
  3. Ask your questions in our twitter AMA Post
  4. Join Telegram Group
  5. Raise your questions during Live Public AMA at Telegram group,4 Best Questions will be selected by Team.
  6. You can only post once

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Telegram: https://t.me/xroad_initiative

Official website: https://exroad.io/

White paper: https://exroad.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/XRoad-Whitepaper-Ver-0.0.2.pdf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xri_ltd_info_/?hl=ja

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xri_ltd_info/